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24 March 2009 @ 11:19 am
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Some of you may know that Illustrious' Third Anniversary is on its way. So to celebrate, Illustrious Forums has a new layout! This is probably one of my favorite layouts and if you haven't seen it yet, so do go visit and celebrate with us! Tell us what you think of the new look, we'd love to hear what you think. ♥ There are some exciting things coming out this summer as well, so members do stay active or you might just miss out!

Did I mention that Illustrious' main website has had a makeover as well?

There are also some new activites going on within the forum.
Important Dates
* 3/16/09 - The Banner Challenge ends.
* 3/18/09 - Round 03 Movie Poster Challenge deadline.
* 3/22/09 - March Donor Raffle.
* 3/22/09 - New forum layout! "This Journey"
* 3/28/09 - The Lyrical Challenge & The Icon Variation Challenge ends.
* 3/22/09 - Movie Challenge Round 04 deadline!

And congrats to honeybri for winning our donor raffle!

As well as giving a congrats to Inditee, on this weeks AOTW!
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